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The free PDF to the 2009 MGS Fanbook is now available!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We should have information regarding your editors for the 2010 book in the coming weeks!

All right! Sorry for the delays, but two orders of business.

ONE: By a funny turn of events we have one last copy of the 2009 MGS Fanbook for sale! This will be going at the usual price of 12 USD plus shipping and is basically open to the first person who PMs me for it. Do not paypal a purchase order in advance because there's only one!

TWO: With that out of the way, on to the next order of business. Your tentative 2010 Fanbook coordinators are athenemiranda, cionbird, vwl, kurenai_tenka and sarshin. (Did I miss anyone?) Please PM me your emails so I can start sending out some preliminary stuff for getting started!

State of the Fanbookion
All right, so.

I'm still waiting on my physical acceptance letter to prove the email acceptance notice, but I seem to be headed for grad school in the fall. Because of that, as warned, I will not have time to do an MGS Fanbook this year.

However, given the success of last year's project and how much better it would be if, oh, it wasn't one slightly failtastic person doing everything, I find it reasonable that we start thinking about who would want to collaborate on the book, and how we can get that process started.

So, I'm opening up this space as a forum for discussion for anyone who would be interested in publishing a 2010 Fanbook. Once we have a better idea of who wants to be involved, I can get together with people about what worked, what didn't work, and some improvements that you might wish to consider going forward.

Note: because of my own experience with a partner bailing and the stress level I know can come with this project, I'm going to lay out one caution as we begin. Serious parties only, please. This is a big undertaking, and though it'll be easier with a team dividing the labor, it's still something everyone needs to pull their own weight on. There are no continues here, my friend.

2009 book sold out!

Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy! At this time we are completely sold out.

(Exceptions: two copies are withheld for NiuNiu and auragirl, and of course another is going to the upcoming winner for the capslock_mgs holiday quiz!)

Three books were mailed today (your digital receipts are pending... I haven't had yet time today, sorry ;; ) and the remaining orders will be going out ASAP. After the last book has shipped (that is, the quiz prize) I will be distributing the free .pdf edition, as promised. (I will also have info on donations for helping to cover unanticipated costs at that time.)

So, thanks again, everyone! This could not have happened without such an amazing outpouring of support from all of you. Please check back in April for news on whether we'll be doing a 2010 edition!

~I'm in the road but I'm comfy at least...~
At this time, if you ordered by snail mail and have not received any confirmation from me, I have not received your payment.

Please be aware that with the holiday season, mail gets lost all the time. For those who sent checks, this isn't a big deal since it's not like anyone else could cash it. For money orders purchased through the post office, you can check this page to see if it's any help to you (international customers, obviously, will want to check the post office resources in their country). For others... :\ I wish I had some good advice here. I'm sorry.

For those who announced intention to send via snail mail but did not notify me of when it was sent, please contact me.

We still have a few books for sale, still going for a steal at $12 per copy, if anyone still wants one.

P.S. As a reminder, one book is being given as a prize for the capslock_mgs holiday quiz. If you haven't yet entered, give it a whirl!

Win a free copy of the Fanbook!
Greetings, Fanbook lovers!

I'm pleased to announce that in conjunction with fireholly and saphrawn, I am offering one copy of the MGS Fanbook as a prize in the capslock_mgs holiday quiz!

This is excellent for those of you out there who haven't yet managed to snag a copy and would like to take a shot at winning one completely free of charge! Other prizes include wonderfully detailed Naked Snake and The Boss figures, a copy of the Raymond Benson Metal Gear Solid 2 novelization, and custom fic and art commissions! Plus the quiz itself is challenging and tons of fun to fill out; a true test of any obsessed fan's knowledge!

Enter the holiday quiz today for your chance at a free copy of the 2009 MGS Fanbook!

P.S. There are 5 normal copies remaining for purchase! Order now! Tell your friends!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (what, did you seriously expect me to resist that one?)
Copies Remaining:


The next post office visit is December 21st. This is the last date for domestic orders to arrive by Christmas. Just a heads up!


General orders for the Fanbook are now unfrozen! As mentioned, the three names on the waiting list will be given 24 hour priority processing, but that's it. Please hurry; quantities are very low!


General orders reopening this Wednesday, and about price increases. Please read.

The following contributors have not, to my knowledge, either placed an order or reserved one due to extenuating circumstances.

Yo-Chaosangel @ dA
Gobeur @ dA
Unconsciousargentine @ dA
Rica March
Marcelo Souto @ dA
Yasu-Aibu @ dA

There are, at present, 15 copies remaining and 11 outstanding contributors. If anyone knows how to get in touch with even one of these people, please do ASAP. Among the other problems dontdiefox left me when she vanished from the project, I don't actually have a stable contact list. :\ This has caused more problems than you might imagine. (I've tried PMs for many of them, to no response.)


Recent customers may have noticed that the price of the book has been raised from $11.76 to $12.00. There are two main reasons for this:

1. To reduce the chance of error (over 50% have submitted inaccurate payments).
2. To begin compensating for unanticipated expenses.

These expenses largely come from underestimating the weight of packages (and is part of the reason I no longer offer to send the books First Class either). Shipping paperback books without ample protection is a risk, and I'd much rather your book arrive safely than forty cents cheaper. The thing is, those forty cents, twenty cents, dollars, two dollars here or there all slowly add up, as does the purchasing of more packaging supplies, more trips to the post office, the Paypal fees on microtransactions, etc. As it is, even with the additional $0.24 tacked on to each order, I'm still running at a deficit and I may have to ask for donations to help cover the remaining debt at the end of sales. (And no, that's not to guilt trip anyone, but I also believe in full transparency, so, there you have it.) So, while the $12.00 book price seems like a mark-up, it really isn't.

tl;dr spare a girl a quarter or few and I won't be working off the expense of shipping these well after Peace Walker comes out.


After determining the plausibility of a second print run (and finding it is not, in fact, very plausible at all, not without nearly doubling the price for customers), I have decided to reopen orders for the Fanbook to non-contributors EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY, 16 DECEMBER, 00:00 PST. That means contributors have until that time to take advantage of the current ordering freeze to have priority for one of the remaining copies.

When I froze non-contributor orders, a few people approached me asking whether they'd have a shot at obtaining one of the remaining copies. The most I was able to do was offer to place them on a waiting list. The three names on that list --ozzyopolis, gl33p and babe_mause-- will therefore be given 24-hour priority processing once general orders reopen.

AFTER THAT TIME, ALL REMAINING COPIES ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Please remember that remaining quantities are extremely limited. When these are gone, there won't be any more!

I'd like to thank everyone again for their patience. I'm quite frankly amazed at this level of response to the Fanbook and I'm deeply honored for all the support you've shown for both me and our contributors. As promised, a full-resolution .pdf will be released as soon as copies sell out.

Snake? What happened? Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE!
At this time, all orders submitted before 4 PM Pacific Time on December 5 should be marked as shipped. (Yes, I know I'm backlogged. ;;) If you have not received an electronic shipping confirmation, please notify me by email or PM immediately.

There were at least two orders that were not shipped because of errors in the submitted order, including one that had to be flat-out cancelled because the buyer made no communication despite repeated notices. (And the other currently has 24 hours to respond...) So, everyone, when you put something down as your preferred contact on the shipping form, be sure it's a contact you actually use.

I will have information on the unfreezing of non-contributor orders soon. Thanks everyone for your patience.


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